Monday, December 17, 2012

Crocodile Crossing Temp Animation

Crocodile Crossing Temp Animation from LKay Uy on Vimeo.

Well here's the work. It's been a semester of ups and downs and effing flash crashes and hangups and ridiculous backsaving cause the school upgraded 2 versions vs the one I have on my laptop.


-Didn't finish it: Due to a combination of high expectations (eg Zeurel and Unknown-Person cranking out animation shorts in a month and a half), perfectionism and low self esteem, there's been a lot of time lost mostly due to self-paralysis, and crushing disappointment when seemingly simple goals (eg timing one scene that I expected done in one hour that ends up taking an entire afternoon) are not met.

-Not my focus: Another big struggle was trying not to think about the fact that I wanted to do something else entirely, which was working on my comics and Quix de Tellou. Course, this just might be another procrastination crutch, but I found myself doodling nonstop on it while I was taking breaks from animating.

-Excitement from everyone: both teachers and friends are really excited to see this finished, and I definitely want to see this through.

-Diversity: Even if it took me an entire semester and some school counseling to realize I really do want to do comics and love story telling, it doesn't hurt to hear from my teacher that I do have a knack for animating, when I really buckle down on it. What I really wish in the future is being able to earn money with one skill but still having the energy and passion to pursue my own personal projects.

Just to end on a positive end note, I am rather happy that my head anim dept teacher is also excited to see me finish this and is letting me come back next semester to use the facilities. Even my senior project teacher doesn't mind me dropping by his class if I need some more feedback with my clean ups phase.

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