Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SO-Week 7

Essentially some major music tweaking needs to occur:
-The two dudes and the missing pig need more frames/time since it goes by too fast, so I need to loop a music longer in that point.
-Jungle run through possibly
-The pan shot (now a pan, so Hunter needs to scootch out of the shot too) needs maybe 2 more frames an a cushion so it doesn't come in and out of the shot so badly.
-The scene with the girl also needs extending since things happen too fast.

Then the parts that need trimming:
-Hunter landing on crocodile- suggested making an overshoot of the croc's open jaws might give me the snap I was looking for.
-The entire sequence between the guy looking out the island and before he does the crab dance will be trimmed out (thank god).

Overall it seems I'm in an odd place since I'm still behind on some blocking, but went overzealous and jumped the gun on other pieces.

Two weeks left and I need half of all this already animated (not yet cleaned up, but at least the in-betweens and stuff are put down).

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