Monday, October 22, 2012

Animation Tutorial- the Girl

So for my second half of Animation tutorial, our teacher was kind enough to let some of us seniors use that time to work on our senior projects, provided it had some level of thinking/acting in it. I'm kind of glad I thought ahead and had this scene for just that purpose. 

The general critique I got out of my teacher was what were the motivations behind the cuts and the people for their reactions to each other. He didn't like me going back and forth on my poses (cutting and duplicating poses for time saver) so I have to vary them up a bit and tweak some bodies and shots. The most challenging part for me at the moment is creating a believable motivation as to why the girl stops looking at the guy and looks out to the bridge. Overall this is adding more screen time and framework for me to do.

Speaking of bodies- I just realized that the costume for the girl was totally different from that of the villagers I had in mind earlier. Based on this site- the dress the girl is wearing is that of a Kimona Dress /Patadyong (a casual wear of filipino women of the visayas region), but I needed something more tribal-oriented like the Matigsalugs

new character sheet for girl WIP

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