Saturday, May 19, 2012

work work work

Let's see:

Morning online storyboard class wasn't so bad- but it turns out that I've already missed one class and workshop so I somehow must find time to catch up on the videos, do the homework while I juggle helping my ma and aunt with their school projects and my own personal projects. GWAH D8

Had a sisterly bonding time of just sis making me sort through my old clothes that I still had since high school XD.

Then there was laundry to do and then a mad, angry rummaging of the room when I realized I couldn't find my FF5-6 game anywhere, which sucks cause I'm already getting bored just playing FF13 and want a different story.

Speaking of stories- finally hunkered down and started pondering over the plot bits of my old collab script with a friend-it's unfortunately gonna have to be rewritten again, but I hope it means simplifying stuff better but being easier to explain things away. @_@ Don't fail me now, storyboard story-making classes! Anyhoo, got so busy doing ma's work and this story pondering totaly missed my doodle dailies so here's my friend's characters the Palmer sisters.

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