Friday, February 1, 2013

Crocamation-Pig Bouncing

So after a bit of testing, I found one way of not having my Flash CS4 crash on me every 5 minutes is to just take what animation sequence I want to work on and paste it on a new file. So for this week I've taken one of my earliest peeves-the pig bounce.

 photo RunningOrig_zpsf43a46e7.gif

I couldn't deal with this at the time because I felt easily overwhelmed by the fact the dude is running, bouncing, and so is a lot of things. I found if I just took out the bouncing altogether at the get go and worked on certain parts it becomes doable.

 photo RunningPigCS4_zpsbdaf1d9d.gif

Order of progression:
-timed the swing of his arm
-took all the frames, made the hunter one symbol in flash and from there just made the whole thing 'bounce' from left to right
-timed the hair, pig parts to the up and down motion of the bounce.

Compared to the top this is a little stiffer, but I can fix it either by breaking up more parts to be symbolized or once I do cleanup break the motions there. Either way this sequence is 'done' and I should move to the next clip for temp.

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